Programmatic areas

Bringing smiles and schools to children

We believe that the youth are most essential component in creating a better future. Enhancing access to education, and the quality thereof, is one of the simplest ways to bridge the development gaps we see around us today. This is why we endeavor for setting up schools where they don’t exist and giving underprivileged children the opportunity to partake in education that will change their lives forever.

We support decent living standards and we believe that nothing is more important than ensuring that each Asian has a home which enables fulfilling these standards. We strive to build housing where none exists, and to link key pieces of infrastructure to areas still lacking water and electricity. In shot, we are bringing an end to slums.

No more slums

Creative living

Creativity is an intrinsic facet of being human. We believe that vast creative potential lives in all of us, and that this potential can be tapped to bridge development gaps. We work with our collaborators to strengthen access to vocational training which will lead to a greater utilization of our innermost strengths and creativity for the benefit of our societies.

We believe in decent living standards for all, regardless of age. That is why we work together with our partners to ensure that the elders of our societies can continue to bring comfort and happiness to their communities in good health. We endeavor to give access to essential medicines to make this all possible

Medicating the old

Making corruption history

One of the biggest stumbling blocks on the way to development is corruption. We believe that with the right mix of incentives and transparency we can make corruption history.